Capacity: 64 seats

Step back into 1950’s London with this iconic double decker from the city.

The AEC Routemaster is one of the most famous buses in London, and is instantly recognisable with its open platform at the rear.

The double-decker Routemaster model was built by Associated Equipment Company from 1954 until 1968.

London Transport introduced this Routemaster bus in 1956. Both a driver and conductor used to man this unique bus with its open platform at the rear that allowed for quick boarding, even away from the stop. Although it was retired from continuous service in London in 2005, it currently remains on two heritage routes in London.

The Routemaster retains its iconic status as one of the most instantly recognisable all over the world.

Our Routemasters are available for hire in either yellow or red livery, let us know which you would prefer in the quote form. 

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